Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Crack Den

One thing about Second Life that many people don't realize is that it's not a game in and of itself.  It's actually a world within a world, often referred to as a metaverse.  However there are many games within SL--gambling, bowling, hunting, chess, and racing are just a few.

What I personally found fascinating was the role-playing games (RPGs) and communities, of which there are also many: historical, steampunk, and of course vampires!  I chose to join an urban RPG called The Crack Den, which is full of crime, drugs, gangs, and prostitutes. 

WTF?, you may ask.  But, honestly it's a lot like Grand Theft Auto--you play it because it's so far from your real-life situation.  Afterall, that's why we join engage in our dark and dangerous fantasies...

This is my character's "background story":

Destiny Scaggs grew up in a trailor park with her mother and 3 brothers.  Having 3 brothers made her grow up tough--she doesn't allow people to take advantage of her.  But she doesn't trust anyone either, and has difficulty forming relationships.  Destiny has never met her father, but she has heard stories about him from her older brothers.  He is a drug-smuggler and Destiny's mom left him after he got sent to jail.  He's out now, and Destiny wonders where (and who) he is...

The 2 pics above show an old church that was turned into a strip club.

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