Monday, April 30, 2012

South Side Snakepit

Talk about a playground!  South Side Snakepit is a grungy sex-playground for adults who like it a little trashy.  Look at that naked guy trying out the poseballs, teehee!  (Clicking on a poseball allows you to do a specific action.)

Wonderful, detailed scenery.  Note the smoke coming from the car.  And the blue poseball would make me suck a dick "against" my will.  This place is really cool; I just wish I had a partner.  I know I could probably just go up to some random guy there (or anywhere in SL) and say, "Wanna fuck?"  But I like to fuck girls.

However, I'm not a man-hater or anything.  In fact, one of the cool things I found at SSS was The Penis Gallery.  I believe they have Xcite! products there--the best in the biz!  If you haven't heard about Xcite!'s special genitalia, HUDs, and attachments you're missing out.  They have a ridiculous amount of products to make cyber-sex as realistic and enjoyable as possible.  Check out their website.

Of course, this was actually a place to buy penises; not just look at penis artwork!  You can also buy vaginas and various sex HUDs.  (HUDs are little controllers that allow for more specific movements/animations.)  Note the silver cock sculpture!

SSS also happens to be where I learned about Second Life drugs...but that's a whole other post.

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