Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Second Life: The Official Guide"

I love books.  Nowadays, actual books are a little old-school for a tech savvy 24-year-old, but I can't quite get into the eBook thing.  I suppose I enjoy the tactile sensations that come with reading.

(Yes, I bought the book mentioned above.  Yes, I realize that makes me a huge dork.)

Anyways...  Having somehow skipped over Orientation Island and all that, this guide has proven to be a worthwhile read.  It is broken up into parts and chapters, organized in a chronological fashion--the most basic and important stuff is mentioned first.  Although it is over 300 pages long, it's actually a quick read due to the wide margins and numerous full-color photos.  The version I have is a little outdated, but it honestly doesn't make that much of a difference.

I loved learning how Second Life came into existence and seeing what the famous hot-spots were.  Another really helpful chapter explained the overwhelmingly vague Appearance menu, where I learned how to fine-tune my shape.  (I have a free one from Betty Bish.)  Before those hints, I moved the little sliders around randomly, hoping to make myself look decent!

This is what I used to look like--yikes!!

Ugh...not much better here.

Probably the most useful things I've read about so far (I'll keep you updated) are about Animations/Gestures and Inventory.  Learning to use movements really adds to your SL social experience.  I won't get into it, but there are Gestures in your Inventory that you need to activate and practice using.  And the Inventory--you arrive in SL with a whole bunch of useful stuff for free!  You really don't need to buy anything because of all the stuff in there, plus in the Library folders.  Don't overlook it.

Monday, April 30, 2012

South Side Snakepit

Talk about a playground!  South Side Snakepit is a grungy sex-playground for adults who like it a little trashy.  Look at that naked guy trying out the poseballs, teehee!  (Clicking on a poseball allows you to do a specific action.)

Wonderful, detailed scenery.  Note the smoke coming from the car.  And the blue poseball would make me suck a dick "against" my will.  This place is really cool; I just wish I had a partner.  I know I could probably just go up to some random guy there (or anywhere in SL) and say, "Wanna fuck?"  But I like to fuck girls.

However, I'm not a man-hater or anything.  In fact, one of the cool things I found at SSS was The Penis Gallery.  I believe they have Xcite! products there--the best in the biz!  If you haven't heard about Xcite!'s special genitalia, HUDs, and attachments you're missing out.  They have a ridiculous amount of products to make cyber-sex as realistic and enjoyable as possible.  Check out their website.

Of course, this was actually a place to buy penises; not just look at penis artwork!  You can also buy vaginas and various sex HUDs.  (HUDs are little controllers that allow for more specific movements/animations.)  Note the silver cock sculpture!

SSS also happens to be where I learned about Second Life drugs...but that's a whole other post.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Be a Pornstar

If you're interested in Second Life's porn community, Emmanuelle Jameson's blog is definitely a great place to start.  Emmanuelle is a beautiful and experienced pornstar who shares tons of links to adult machinima (SL movies).  She even has a page dedicated to getting started in porn.  If you are interested in this topic, I am sure you will find some very useful information.

 "Undisclosed Desires"

My favorite type of porn is females masturbating!

(Sorry; couldn't help it!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Virtual Hedonist

I never really had a "set" of goals or expectations when I joined Second Life.  As I've mentioned before, I am most of all fascinated by the idea of a virtual self (which connotes immortality) and the user-created focus of the world. 

However, if you've been following this blog you'll have noticed my unintended focus on the adult areas within SL.  The virtual realm has allowed the inner pervert in me to come out and play--something that is obviously limited in RL.  To my surprise and utter delight, there is a huge and diverse community of perverts in SL!

"Warning! Perv Bitch Sin Playground! No Church in Town!"

Now, I'm not new to "forbidden pleasures", as some may call them.  I used to be a stripper in RL, I prefer sleeping with women, had a couple of three-somes, worn a strap-on, enjoyed watching porn videos, and sex in public places.  Now that I've gone square (I work with kids in RL, so...yeah...), my sexual life has been seriously lacking.  :(  It is wonderful to have a new outlet!

This photo is from Gawker.

By the way, if you have questions for me or just want to hang out, feel free to comment on my blog or look me up in SL.  My name is the same: MissAshleyDoll. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Island of Penises

An awesomely random place in Second Life--which I will just mention briefly--is the beautiful Aeros Island in Real Angel Bay.  I don't know how I happened upon this is an island of penises!  Actually, they're penis sculptures--large, curved, and beautiful. 

Unfortunately, this island was completely empty of people when I visited, so I didn't stay very long.

The Crack Den

One thing about Second Life that many people don't realize is that it's not a game in and of itself.  It's actually a world within a world, often referred to as a metaverse.  However there are many games within SL--gambling, bowling, hunting, chess, and racing are just a few.

What I personally found fascinating was the role-playing games (RPGs) and communities, of which there are also many: historical, steampunk, and of course vampires!  I chose to join an urban RPG called The Crack Den, which is full of crime, drugs, gangs, and prostitutes. 

WTF?, you may ask.  But, honestly it's a lot like Grand Theft Auto--you play it because it's so far from your real-life situation.  Afterall, that's why we join engage in our dark and dangerous fantasies...

This is my character's "background story":

Destiny Scaggs grew up in a trailor park with her mother and 3 brothers.  Having 3 brothers made her grow up tough--she doesn't allow people to take advantage of her.  But she doesn't trust anyone either, and has difficulty forming relationships.  Destiny has never met her father, but she has heard stories about him from her older brothers.  He is a drug-smuggler and Destiny's mom left him after he got sent to jail.  He's out now, and Destiny wonders where (and who) he is...

The 2 pics above show an old church that was turned into a strip club.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Xtra Ordinary Brothel

The Xtra Ordinary brothel and strip club, often abbreviated as XO, lies in Half Moon Caye.  Obviously, this is adult-only location.  The owner(s) seem to be German, as many of their announcements are auf Deutsch.  The inside is classy and they play mostly pop music.  When I visited, there were no other people!  It must have been bedtime in Germany when I visited.

The ammenities include platforms with poles, large private rooms, and several different themes--including the taboo rape scenario.  It's definitely a place I'd like to work, but I'm still less than a month old which means many jobs are off-limits.

Friday, April 13, 2012

U-Neek Shop & Art Gallery

My SL discoveries just keep getting crazier and crazier!   Yesterday, I visited U-Neek, which is a truly "unique" shop, as well as an art gallery.  It is located is the sim Junlong and is rated Moderate.  Inside the shop is every color skin, hair, and clothes that you can imagine!  It is definitely intensely psychedelic, but the creator has an obvious theme and method to their madness.  There are regular clothes and shapes, then there are ones that are barely recognizable as such (robots!).  Even full-body tattoos.  Personally, I don't prefer to look this way, but it's amazing to have such an option.

Interestingly, the music played is very calming--I think this is a really nice juxtaposition.  I browsed for a while in the art, getting lost in the maze-like structure.  Definitely check it out!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


There hasn't really been any methodical way that I've been exploring SL--I go where my whim takes me.  When you teleport to a new region, there is almost always advertisements for similar places to visit.  It is also helpful to check out the popular places advertised on the SL website.  You can also find plenty of noob info there.

My travels have led me to a lot of shopping (lol), which is something I love to do in Real Life (but hardly get the chance to do since I'm a recently-graduated student swamped by bills and loan payments).  Now, I have TONS of new clothes for my avatar and I'm running out of L$!  So I started looking for a job, but because I am just a week and a half old there are not a lot of options. 

I've chosen a very popular route for SL females--dancing and escorting.  The fact that I've also been a stripper in real life influenced me in this decision.  The reason why dancing/escorting is so popular in SL is its humongous and infinitely varied adult industry.  It makes sense when you think about it.  A virtual social world where you can be anonymous and completely safe from physical harm...of course people are going to explore their inner pervert!  I believe there is a pervert in all of us; its as human as love and greed.  (Do I sound like Freud?) 

Exploring the sexual side of my new world was not something that I had originally planned to do.  I was mostly interested in the SL culture, as sociology is something I've long been obsessed with.  I also wanted to meet people and create things.  I've never done any kind of virtual creation, and SL is rich in these types of resources. 

But now that the sexploration opportunity has presented itself...I've been thinking about some risque things I could do.  For now, I'll leave it at that. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Not a Gamer Girl

I'm brand-new to SL and gaming in general.  The only other video game I play is Tetris...  I was inspired to join SL by a documentary on Ray Kurzweil, who talks about life extension through technology.  I was never into this kind of stuff as a kid, but I started reading Wired magazine a couple of years ago and have been hooked ever since.  It also helps that my boyfriend is a hacker ;]

I'll be writing about my trials and errors, joys and successes, in SL.  I'll also include links that I have found helpful along the way--I've already found some blogs that have been extremely helpful.  Without some guidance, you will be absolutely lost in SL!